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2024-04-25 News & Media

2024-04-25 News & Media

Rampant MIC in a changing world.

Published: 2024-04-25

Updated: Added the Dmitri Lascaris video which contains news of the Freedom Flotilla effort (to break the siege of Gaza and deliver essential aid in accordance with the ICJ’s ruling) and more.

An update on the F-35/EMP article has been made, including commentary on the recent Ania K interview of Escobar and Johnson.

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Biden Claims $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill Is Good for 'World Peace', Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-04-24


Ukraine Cuts Off Consular Services for Military-Age Men Abroad, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-04-23

US Secretly Armed Ukraine With Long-Range ATACMS Last Month, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-04-24


US To Convert Pacific Oil Rigs Into Military Bases as Part of Anti-China Buildup, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-04-23


Chad Signals It Wants US Troops To Leave, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-04-23


Offline Notice, b., Moon of Alabama, 2024-04-25

Pepe Escobar Elaborates on Source Claim that Russia Shot Down an Israeli F-35, Larry Johnson, A Son of the New American Revolution, 2024-04-23

Stand-up Strategy, Andrei Martyanov, SmoothieX12, 2024-04-23

  • Hang in there, Andrei gets to an article by the “British BS Corporation”, otherwise known as the BBC. 👏

  • While commenting upon the article he explains the title he chose for his video. This follows a theme of his, assessing the credibility of western academics, military and not, commenting on modern warfare.

The Bloom | The Breakthrough Continues | Ocheretyne Flower Has Bloomed | Military Summary 2024.04.22, Dima, Military Summary, 2024-04-22

Hundreds Of Bradley Fighting Vehicles On The Border | The Defeat Of 47th Brigade | MS For 2024.04.23, Dima, Military Summary, 2024-04-23

Chief Mandla Mandela:”It's not what we've done for Palestine. It's what Palestine has done for us”, Dimitri Lascaris, 2024-04-24

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