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Funding Failing Forever-Wars -- Extended

Funding Failing Forever-Wars -- Extended

and a wander around some news to end up at a couple of excellent articles

Published: 2024-04-18


  • I say Russia when I mean China for the future Taiwan based conflict. Ooops.

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Funding Failing Forever-Wars, YesXorNo, 2024-04-18

The Farce of Diplomatic Assurances, Criag Murray, 2024-04-17

Kyiv Post: Ukraine’s Secret Service Boss Details Assassination Campaign vs. Kremlin-Loyal Occupation Officials, Stefan Korshak, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia (originally Kyiv Post, 2024-03-27), 2024-04-17

The Management of Dilemma, Alastair Crooke, Al Mayadeen English, 2024-04-18

Iran’s 'New Equation' Reaches Way Beyond West Asia, Pepe Escobar, The Unz Review, 2024-04-17

President vladimir putin answers president ebrahim raisi’s telephone call – what each heard the other say, John Helmer, Dances with Wolves, 2024-04-16

If The Mainstream Worldview Was Accurate, Gaza Wouldn't Be Burning, Caitlin Johnston, Caitlin's Newsletter, 2024-04-16

US diplomacy gains traction in Middle East, M. K. Bhadrakumar, Indian Punchline, 2024-04-15

Off-ramp or wider war w⧸ Larry Johnson (Live), Johnson with The Duran, The Duran, 2024-04-16

  • 12 CIA bases vs 6 in W. Germany. ... 12 independent operations with 12 base leaders. Training, gun running, operations etc.

  • Cofer Black, corruption and terror financing.


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