Meeting requests : Who are the analysts?

Who are the analysts?

Publication date: 2021-09-10

Updated: 2021-09-11, 9 more sources added.

Updated: 2021-09-13, 2 more sources added.

Updated: 2021-09-17, added RT to balance CNN and BBC.

One of my respected associates, even older than I, has asked for a list of the geopolitical analysts that I consult. Here follows this singular response to a request.

The "list" will be updated over time, as I see fit, and only when I find new thoughtful contributors. Note that this is all subjective and I've only really been doing this for a decade or less. No disrespect to your list.

The obvious caveat is that I regularly disagree with every single one of these analysts. This is not a love cat fest, but a challenge.


Each entry will be with a name, then a "how I see them" blurb, then a categorization of the scope of analysis, a global geopolitical analyst, or (inclusive) a regional geopolitical analyst. If the second is listed, I'll name what I see as their regional expertise.

Finally, I'll give you the primary publication source(s) from which I imbibe their analysis.


No particular order of quality or region is implied.

James Corbett

A Canadian English literature graduate from a Dublin University found himself red pilled by seeing the so many holes in 9/11 and just kept going. A deep thinker about history and of disparate power mechanisms’ influence over how we view it.

Level: Global


Pepe Escobar

A slippery fish of Brazilian origin but a global view who has spent so many a year in south-east Asia and traveled inwards to central Asia. Those travels have enchanted him, and his readings of ancient texts give a bite to his writings.

Level: Global, Regional (central Asia)


Andrei Martyanov

A former Russian naval commander who emigrated to the "west" at the dissolution of the USSR.

Level: Regional (USSR and former republics), but also global in the dumb-shit persistent USA push for any enemy


Ray McGovern

A 27 year CIA (Russia Desk) analyst who delivered the Presidential Daily Brief for 3 Presidents and formed Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Level: Global, and Regional (anything to do with Russia and/or USA)


Alexander Mercouris

Greek born British lawyer with a deep interest in history, and unsurprisingly justice. His videos largely focus on deconstructing diplomatic publications, at which he is most excellent.

Level: Global


Natylie Baldwin

An observer of Russian action and diplomacy. Rare authored material, but a reliable publisher of interesting material from other publishers on Russian affairs.

Level: Regional (Russian)



A commercial interest funded global media network which promotes USA empirical objectives.

Level: Global


Richard Medhurst

A Syrian/British citizen with a strong anti-imperialist bent. Fluent in Arabic, English, German and French because of life experience in those countries is able to present differing international media with authenticity.

Level: Regional (middle east), and some Global


Anatol Lieven

A calm and penetrating analyst on anything to do with Russia, especially in its overlapping interests with eastern Europe.

Level: Regional (Russia/Eastern Europe)


John Pilger

A journalist of the old school who has been declaring the horrific truth for five decades and making films documenting it.

Level: Global

Source: and also interviews on

Lawrence Wilkerson

Former chief of staff to Colin Powell. Now a reformed sensible voice on USA foreign policy.

Level: Regional (USA) and Global

Source: Various. is a common publisher of interviews, but elsewhere too.


A Russian Federation state funded media outlet (ab)using the internet to counter anti-Russian propaganda, and push Russia’s own. But, it does have, and has had, many an interesting program and commentator. Its a sole outlet for many alternative USA voices on the politics of their nation, and is valuable for Russian voices advocating their own (often nationally aligned, but not always) narratives.

Level: Global and Regional (Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia)


Tony Kevin

A former Australian diplomat who has visited Russia repeatedly and published now two (I think) books. His publications are rare, but insightful.

Level: Regional (Australia, Russia, SE Asia) and Global

Source: and

James Carden

A bit of a mystery, as I’ve only recently found him. He’s a part of the emerging US policy establishment advising against the endemic “russians are evil and mad, Putin triply so” idiocy. He’s a thoughtful analyst.

Level: Regional/Global (Russia, US)


Nicolai N. Petro

“Nicolai N. Petro is the Silvia-Chandley Professor of Peace Studies and Nonviolence and Professor of Political Science at the University of Rhode Island” (Quote from his website). I just think he is a well informed academic. Far too cautious in his words from my point of view, but that’s what academics do. He is damn well informed.

Level: Regional (Russia/Eastern Europe)

Source: and

Paul R. Pillar

An USA ex-intelligence professional. I think it was pre 9/11 that he lost the haze for the reliability of the USA’s intelligence agencies. Whatever. He is well informed and calls his stuff.

Source: various places, recently

Paul Craig Roberts

A rabid conservative/libertarian who was a part of the inner workings of the USA government, had very high clearance and calls what he sees based on knowledge rather than opinion or guesswork.

Level: Regional (USA) and Global

Source: and other publications such as

Michael Hudson

Michael is a Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at a few USA universities. An old guy who's seen more rubbish than he cares for and presents a fairly radical economic analysis.

Level: Global (geo-economics)

Source: mostly

F. William Engdahl

Engdahl is a wild horse who crosses numerous topics but with well argued and cited articles. I may agree with him even less than many of the above, but he forces me to think.

Level: Regional (roving all over the place) and Global

Source: also often published at

Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Well, you know. That level of access to unpublished leaks …. Whatever, when he could actually communicate with the world his analysis was both deep and playful.

Level: Global



The military intelligence and politically influenced mouthpiece for the anglo-american empire.

Level: Global


Chris Hedges

A award winning journalist who spent much time in war zones from central america in the 80’s to the middle east, including Israel/Gaza during the first intifada, to eastern Europe during the period before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He is an ordained Christian (Presbyterian) priest, and an author of many many books, and a philosopher of the structure of society and its power dynamics.

Level: Regional (USA) and Global

Source: weekly article at and video show on RT “On Contact”.

Alfred McCoy

A professor of history whose Ph.D thesis or first book (or both) was on the CIA drug trade during the USA-Vietnam war. Publishes rarely, but always worth reading.

Level: Regional (USA) and Global

Source: various but often at


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