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Searching for Putin

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Published: 2023-02-10

Updated 2023-02-12: Carlson published the video at his youtube site. Thanks for N.S. Baldwin for publicizing it.


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The Vladimir Putin Interview, Carlson interviews Putin, Tucker Carlson Network, 2024-02-08

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson, 2024-02-08

Read It Here: The Transcripts From Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Are Released And Expose Every Big Player In The Game, Ann Stossel, Red State Nation, 2024-02-08

Have Russian computer (13 year old Dell) and use Russian operating system (up to date GNU/Linux [Fedora Core]). But, broke sound system. Cannot stream video. Must listen/watch after download. No download! So, read transcript of Putin and Tucker. Read in Russian browser called Tor.

Class start with history lesson. Good teacher. 😎

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