SSR: Non-Aligned Movement v2 and Pelosi Insanity

While the puppets danced in Munich, another event was occuring

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[The Italian Defence Minister listens to Pelosi beside a more controlled Danish Prime Minister.]

Published: 2024-02-21

Updated [6 hours later]: Added download link and Gilbert Docotorow article on ‘the Brits did it!’


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[MSC 'live' streams] DW News, youtube

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Live: Munich Security Conference 2024 Day 2 | MSC 2024, DW News, 2024-02

Video id: NpqHTtAz7Lo

Offset for Pelosi: 07:27:22

"We have to gear up to win this. Victory is the only option. And then be ready for whatever they think they're doing next.

What I've heard today in meetings was that Russia has more people in the military now than at the beginning, the beginning of Ukraine war, ah, invasion, and they will continue to do so. And how, where do they get them? They buy them. They go through the country where people don't have very much money or resources and they pay them more to do go war. They, you know, used up so many people in prison, they've used up people in the minority communities, [and] now they're going to the countryside. And, they have mercenaries.

And that takes me to the other point about the sanctions. We must keep, honor the sanctions, because the sanctions give them the money to pay for this war."

Nancy Pelosi

Live day 2 Offsets

00:15:36 start Olaf Scholz

00:17:31 end

00:36:30 Elensky

01:21:25 US Senator Whoever, Kallis [Estonia], Jens Stoltenberg [NATO sec]

03:11:02 Wang Yi

03:47:25 Intro to Q&A: Analena Baerbok [German FM], Blinkenlights [US equiv.], ??? name [Indian equiv]

06:14:10 German Minister of Defense

06:25:56 + equivs from Singapore & Tanzania

Singapore Defense minister is a diplomat. Calm, carefully chosen words. Identified imbalance in question framing.

Tanzanian Def Min. cuts straight to the heart of it. Ensure that the basic needs of your people are cared for.

07:04:49 Ukraine panel

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