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Week in Review: 2023 week 34
Week in Review: 2023 week 34
BRICS+, Niger, Ukraine, US/Japan/South Korea summit, Israel still killing people in Syria, and a few "other" articles

[Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North Of Richmond; the full video is in the Culture Section below.]

Published: 2023-08-27

Correction: The host of The Mother of All Talkshows (M.O.A.T) is George Galloway, not Galway.



The Ukraine War is an Era Defining Event, 2023-08-23 (updated on 25th)



Niger Junta Holds Talks With ECOWAS Delegation, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-220

US Launches Airstrike in Somalia, Claims 5 al-Shabaab Fighters Killed, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-21

Algerian Radio Report Says France Is Planning Intervention in Niger, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-22


Netherlands, Denmark Pledge to Provide Ukraine With F-16s, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-21

Ukrainian Drones Disrupt Moscow Airport Traffic for Second Day, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-22

Polish President Says Russian Nukes in Belarus Change 'Security Architecture', Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-22

White House Tells Ukraine That Congress Will Back More War Spending, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-23

Pentagon to Start Training Ukrainian Pilots on F-16s in the US, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-24


US, Japan, South Korea Announce 'Multi-Year' Military Exercise Plan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-20

China Launches War Games Around Taiwan After Taiwanese VP Visits US, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-20

Australia's Biggest Warship Drills With the Philippines in the South China Sea, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-21

China Hits Back at the US, Japan, and South Korea After Summit, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-21

China Says It Allowed Philippines to Resupply Grounded Ship on Disputed Reef, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-23

State Department Approves Sale of F-16 Search and Track Systems to Taiwan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-23

Middle East

Tanker Carrying Stolen Iranian Oil Unloads Near Texas, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-20

One Syrian Soldier Wounded in Israeli Airstrikes Near Damascus, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-21


BRICS Invites Six Countries to Join Bloc in Major Expansion, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-08-24

Other Publications


The People of Niger Want to Shatter Resignation, Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 2023-08-24

Niger Coup Takes Bonapartist Turn, M.K. Bhadrakumar, Consortium News, 2023-08-23


Sunk Cost Fallacy In Ukraine, b, Moon Of Alabama, 2023-08-25

Ukrainian Former Communist Leader Arrested, Peoples Dispatch, Consortium News (originally at Peoples Dispatch), 2023-08-22

Putin Comments on Prigozhin Plane Crash, Dave DeCamp, ScheerPost [Originally published the day before at], 2023-08-25

Maidan Meltdown, Ukrainian Chaos, and a Russian Quagmire?, Gordon Hahn, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, 2023-08-25

Back in 1991, the US tried to prevent the USSR from collapsing: why did Washington want its Cold War rival to survive?, Petr Levrenin, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, None


Biden's Pointless Asian Summit, Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 2023-08-21


'Welcome to the BRICS 11', Pepe Escobar, The Cradle, 2023-08-25

WATCH: BRICS Summit Disappointments, Escobar and others on Galway's M.O.A.T, Consortium News, 2023-08-25

Middle East



The Crucifixion of Julian Assange, Chris Hedges, ScheerPost, None

Ecuadorians Reject Oil Drilling in Amazon Region, Jake Johnson, Consortium News [Originally published at Common Dreams], 2023-08-22

  • See also Steve Donziger and his persecution by oil companies for winning damages against those companies on behalf of indigenous people of Ecuador.

A Voice Heard in the Land, Diana Johnstone, Consortium News, 2023-08-25


Rich Men North Of Richmond, Oliver Anthony, uploaded by radiowv, 2023-08-08


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