Hi YesXorNo, this is the aforementioned moderator. Thanks for offering your assistance on the Craig Murray blog wrt sub-editing and data security. Your IT expertise could be useful in future; if and when there's a call for it, we'll let you know. In the meantime, let me offer some quick proof reading in return.

Typos: "He is an intelligent political {dissent}" => "dissident"; "the former rather than the {later}" => "latter"; "{its} northern winter" => "it's"; "{analgous}" (sounds rather disgusting!) => "analogous"; "{programatically}" => "programmatically"; "{assessements}" => "assessments". "some pristine beautiful thing{,} it is an evolution of a prototype" => ";" (semicolon).

There are also some American spelling variations (are you US-based?) and several compound terms that should be hyphenated, as well as some ambiguous expressions that could be clarified, not to mention some dubious stylistic quirks. Admittedly, most people wouldn't be bothered about such trivial issues; but, as you noted yesterday, linguistic and typographic anomalies can grate on the nerves of sub-editors and other pedants.

Your notion that "these assessments for changes are forward registered" is a little unclear. Are you referring to watch events or procedural conditions (or maybe variables in a declarative conditional clause, as in Prolog)? Are you invoking something like perceptual anticipation or operant conditioning in behaviourist psychology? (Sorry if I'm misconstruing.)

Your political thoughts are very welcome on the CM blog, but your own blog/newsletter would seem a more apt location for complex ideas about system design; thanks for directing us to it. (Incidentally, you might want to save your outline of the security schema in the discussion forum as that thread may be marked 'private' for use by the tech team.)

Best wishes.

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Thank you for such a detailed response. All items identified have been improved.

I hope the "forward registered" passage now possesses a clarity it lacked.

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Hi mod,

The posts to the now private discussion at your forum are now published here, as are the initial advice post and reply with your comments. I will remove your comments, if you wish (though they are still currently public at your site).

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