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Evaluating Empires: US/NATO v The Multi-polar BRICS+

Evaluating Empires: US/NATO v The Multi-polar BRICS+

A ramble involving armed conflict and weapons production

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[Some imagery from Atomics, Pipelines, a Bridge and OPEC+: Diplomatic Deficits, YesXorNo, 2022-10-11]


One metric of potentially many to evaluate the emergent BRICS+/SCO block against the waning US/NATO block is proposed. This ramble assumes that you are familiar with these terms.

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A reference is made, and encouragement to watch to this episode of the Corbett Report:

Interview 1843 - Daniele Ganser Exposes The Ruthless Empire, Corbett interviews Ganser, The Corbett Report, 2023-10-18

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