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Slowly, over time, I’ve developed an evolving soft hatred toward my country, which I’m certain the oligarch’s of war profiteering planned all along to facilitate as many divisions within the United States as possible leading up to this decade of multi-faceted planned disasters, one after another. And of course, intelligent articles like this laying out the truths backed by sourced facts doesn’t ease the pain much.

Decade after decade I’ve watch America’s infrastructure crumble, like a 9/11 event in slow motion, as all the resources have gone to Israel and dozens of other countries and military installations throughout the world, and for what, my country’s well being & security? You’d think most Americans would have eventually caught on and stopped the infighting by now, that they’d have finally realize they’ve been duped—trapped by a two-party system of evil oneness. But nope, they’re still feverish as ever to put on their divisive political colors blaming each-other, “fighting the good fight” used as a distraction, just like the viruses, all the fires, alien attacks…

Clearly, the sheep are mezzed, and I’m frantically-flailing at the cliff’s edge trying to prevent a catastrophe, but I’m getting trampled. The brainwashed Blue & Red wooly warriors are so eager to sacrifice themselves, again, most are taking the plunge. Every day one or two fall short dropping dead of mRNA-induced myocarditis, strokes or turbo-cancers, and the few who do survive are still unwilling to admit their deadly diseases and madness for endless conflicts, causes and war are all manifested by the same monsters of both party leaders profiting off their diaper-faced slave’s self-fulfilling destruction. I’m so depressed. 🤬👈🏽🐈

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