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Fantastic article!

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Excellent and informative. It opened my eyes for sure.

On BRICS, not only me but others too have said, Don't be fooled by BRICS. Living in a BRICS country (South Africa) and knowing and seeing Ramaphosa's behavioral responses to the created crises, he is fully on Board with the WEF too as well as the UN's IRENA and WHO and IPCC. In Lockstep I would venture.

All the BRICS nations are firmly onboard the WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution and the UN’s Agenda 2030—notably its SDGs. The BRICS are not challenging Western economic hegemony. Their financial initiatives are deeply connected to the World Bank and the IMF. Therefore, they must be seen as closely connected to the Washington establishment, not clashing with it (despite appearances to the contrary).

Truth be told, BRICS bloc members Russia and China are simply another version of the same totalitarian control grid set up by the technocrats in the West. Neither of them offers any out—any salvation from the harms of biologics, biometrics, and biosecurity—to their people.

- Technocracy News.

BRICS are constructing a Digital World Brain to achieve UNs Agenda 2030

BRICS are often depicted as in opposition to Western domination. However, they are working to implement Agenda 2030 with the same enthusiasm as in the West and have adopted high-tech solutions with total surveillance of the entire Earth system and humanity to implement it.

Remember that the U.S., Russia, U.K., Europe, China, India; the major players in this psychotic plot of world takeover, are all supporters of the World Economic Forum, (WEF) along with most other countries, and are in essence partners in the push for total globalized rule. They all are working toward the same agenda, and all want a seat at the table of global power. While they may act as enemies, they are not entirely, but you are being told by each, that the others are the real enemy. This is little different than the democrats and republicans, who pretend to be hated enemies, while constantly working toward the same exact agendas. Enemies in public, but intimate partners in private. Yes, the WEF has claimed to denounce Russia due to the purposely manufactured and fake Ukraine crisis, but Putin has all along followed, adhered to, and supported the WEF mission. It is all a scam. - Gary D Barnett- Lew Rockwell

Russia and China are brutally enforcing Agenda 2030, virus-vax fraud, QR codes, and digital ID—BRICS’ fraudulent concept of “alternative” currencies, based on gold, oil, or whatever, is nothing but a scam. And even the top heterodox political economists are silent about it. - Blaž Kavčič, co-founder of Slovenia’s Institute for National Sovereignty.

There is a Russian Davos chapter. It’s called St. Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF- Riley Waggaman

Just some of the views.

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