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I truly love Australian culture and the people. I alway have. I especially love Australia’s geological history. It’s extraordinarily fascinating, particularly the past billion years for those who love both geology and archaeology, as I do. But what really sucks for Australia, which most never hear much about from the media, has been the past couple hundred years of manipulations of the Australian government, culture and economy by English Royalty, and most recently, the bloody U.S. military. I seriously doubt most Americans or Australians know just how terrible it’s been, so I’m glad you mentioned some of it.

Short-selling is definitely a fraud, and I’m glad you mentioned it, also, because nobody has been talking about it either, especially since the Fraudemic. But block-trading and purchasing “puts” is a much greater reoccurring fraud, which the media and our governments never talk about, ever.

For most of us who invest in stocks as normal people who believe in the future of fair gaming & trade, we usually do not or cannot buy and sell every day—trying to ride the bogus-tides created by both short-sellers and block-traders—at least not without suffering heavy tax-penalties, which mostly target the middle-income investors. So we really have no choice but to watch the drama unfold, then either freak out and do nothing with our savings, or we take advantage of cheaper stock and buy low, then wait for retirement, and hopefully there’s a tax-friendly method of cashing out a little at a time so not to get destroyed by taxes in the end, which most of the ultra-rich market-manipulators always have methods to avoid, if not all taxes and penalties.

Everyone who trades stock understand these problems; we know it’s all created by the ultra-wealthy, but the bloody criminal Directors and Investigators of the U.S. Trade & Exchange, and the FBI, never do anything about it. They just sit back and watch it all play out—as if they are part of it—and it always begins with a headline about how a specific company isn’t doing so well, or perhaps an entire sector or the whole market…all set up by some sort of 911 event. There’s always a “created tragedy,” and the block-traders and short-sellers always take advantage of the turbulent market swings, which they help facilitate via massive block-trading, then purchase “puts” (buying contracts to profit on unnatural losses/down-trends). They are “always” so clever to know just when to sell all of their positions, like market gods who’ve decided where the top is, and always just in time prior to the tragic news flash they totally control—then they buy Puts—and then sell their Put contracts after the market bottoms out to buy up all the stock super cheap. How many times has this happened since the stock markets were created? The average Wall Street trader-investor and the stock market itself is Not the problem, nor has it ever been, yet the media always characterizes it that way.

Just like 911—there was clear evidence of a repeat of criminal market activity via the bogus pandemics and pharmaceutical company investors, who made billions. The fraud of shorting bank stocks as the CBDC takeover escalates is similar. However—and I LOVE this part of the untold story—some wealthy pharmaceutical investors who control the mainstream media have been panicking lately, and are now suffering negative swings they didn’t count on. Why? They’ve lost control of the media narratives, and so has our criminal governments, all because most people are finally wising up and are no longer falling for the militarized-virus Scamdemic events, therefor refusing to get more deadly vaccines. Thank the gods.

As I’m about to cross-post this article and my comments to Notes, and so my only advice to my own subscribers and other investor/traders, who are logical money manages, is to Never Panic. Just wait for the 20 to 30 percent swings down from the “all time high” and then purchase in two or three installments on each 20 to 30 percent downturn, but not in the pharmaceutical industries. Look, be logical, not emotional. If the world comes to an end, then does it really matter where you put your savings? I’d never recommend just letting your cash sit, event after event. And I’d avoid buying bank stock or crypto at this moment. So what then? Personally, and I’ve been doing this forever, with success, I always focus on technology, and I always ignore the media. My focus is very specific: companies both civilizations (common people) and world governments (military) rely upon most, in spite of how good or bad thing are going for the world: NVIDIA, AMD and Apple are my top three. And to hell with bonds or the nonsense of diversification. I’m dead serious. I know, it’s not what the experts will tell you, but they are as clueless and corrupt as the doctors who work for and invest in the pharmaceutical companies planing our the next Scamdemic. But, as always, seek professional advise and do as they instruct, if you really trust “them.”👍🍺

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