👍🏽👍👍🏿 Love your posts, and this one’s exceptional. I can’t believe how much great information & resources you crammed into this, without the nonsense, especially the videos on Niger and Ukraine—both wonderful stories with great commentary.

Over a decade ago, I used to subscribe to the shit Wall Street Journal, which is still today proving to be such a shit paper. No matter the topic, from finance to world news, nothing has changed—just pure propaganda—psychologically-driving its simple readers dopey, such as their story on the Ukraine war “progress.” Bloody hell, man, it’s so much more than misleading, if not “intelligently” criminal. I must read everything, but when it comes to mainstream “journalism” I only scan the headlines to gauge the depth of the CIA’s cesspool day by day.

You know, I forgot how original Dire Straits really was. Sultan of Swing, both the words and the lead guitar, was, and still is singularly-sweet.

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