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Week in Review: 2023, week 37

Week in Review: 2023, week 37

Reality is asserting itself, but the narrative writers haven't seen it yet.

Published: 2023-09-17



911's 22nd Birthday, YesXorNo, 2023-09-11

Big Data meets the Cashless Gig Economy, YesXorNo, 2023-09-14

Military Aid, an Ubiquitous Euphemism, YesXorNo, 2023-09-16



NATO Begins War Games in Baltic Sea, Simulate Attack on Russia, Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, None

West Declines to Adjust Russian Oil Price Ceiling as Moscow Exports Above the Cap, Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, 2023-09-10

Russia Targets Kyiv with Drone Barrage as Ukraine Takes Aim at Crimea, Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, 2023-09-10

Blinken: US Does Not Oppose Ukraine Targeting Russian Territory With US-Provided Missiles, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-11

NATO Says 'No Risk' of Romania Being Dragged Into Russia-Ukraine War, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-11

Milley Says Time Is Running Out for Ukraine's Counteroffensive, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-11

Stoltenberg Acknowledges Putin Invaded Ukraine Over NATO Expansion, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-11

Sweden Considers Arming Ukraine With Gripen Fighter Jets, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-12

Sen. Warren Calls for Probe Into Musk for Preventing Attack on Russian Fleet, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-12

Putin Accuses UK of Being Behind Plot Against Russian Nuclear Plant, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-12

Ukraine Hits Russian Shipyard in Crimea With Cruise Missiles, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-13

Report: Russia Doubled Tank and Ammunition Production Despite Sanctions, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-13

Ukrainian Pilots Complete 'Orientation Training' on Swedish Gripen Jets, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-14

Zelensky Implies Ukrainian Refugees in Europe Will Resort to Terrorism If West Curtails Aid, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-14


China, Philippine Vessels in Stand-Off in South China Sea, Connor Freeman, Antiwar, 2023-09-10

US and Canadian Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-11

Air Force Secretary Says US Military Needs to Change to Win Future War With China, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-12

US Air Force Clearing Out Jungles in Pacific for New Airfields, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-13

Chinese Military Holds Major Drills in Western Pacific, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-14

Africa/Niger & Gabon

US Considering Moving Drone Base From Niger After Coup, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-14

NATO (non-Ukraine)

G20 Weakens Condemnation of Russia After India Summit, Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, None

Middle East

Iran, US Prisoner Swap and Funds Release Imminent in Qatari-Mediated Deal, Connor Freeman, Antiwar, 2023-09-10

US Takes Step to Clinch Prisoner Swap Deal With Iran, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-12

Israeli Airstrikes Target Syria and Kill Two Syrian Soldiers, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-13

US to Shift Some Military Aid from Egypt to Taiwan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-14


More Than 60 Australian Lawmakers Urge US to Drop Charges Against Assange, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-09-13

Other Voices


An Endgame for the Ukrainian War w/ John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen, Diesen and Mercouris interview Mearsheimer, The Duran, 2023-09-09

War Games in the Black Sea - Now What? w/ Col Doug Macgregor, Napolitan interviews Macgregor, Judging Freedom, 2023-09-11

Exceptionalism -- Its Consequences, Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 2023-09-11

Very Significant. [Locally built Russia aircraft], Andrei Martyanov, Reminiscence of the Future..., 2023-09-12

Ukraine Grain Conflict Divides EU... Again, Ekaterina Blinova with contributions by Gilbert Doctorow, Sputnik International, 2023-09-13

Russia Is Winning The Industrial Warfare Race, b., MoonOfAlabama, 2023-09-14

Parallel worlds: what counts as news in the West; what counts as news in Russia, Gilbert Doctorow, Gilbert Doctorow, 2023-09-15


Air Bases, Drone Swarms & New Ports: US Military Footprint in Asia Grows, But China Grows Faster, Brian Berletic, The New Atlas, 2023-09-13

Washington’s Expanding Military Footprint on China’s Doorsteps, Brian Berletic, New Eastern Outlook, 2023-09-05

The US Air Force Is Clearing Out Jungles In The Pacific To Prepare For War With China, Caitlin Johnston, Caitlin's Newsletter, 2023-09-14

Kasandras Beware - China's Economy Will Not Hit A Wall, b., MoonOfAlabama, 2023-09-12


In Vladivostok, the Russian Far East rises, Pepe Escobar, The Cradle, 2023-09-14

Update on the just completed talks of Korean leader Kim Jong Un with Vladimir Putin, Gilbert Doctorow, Gilbert Doctorow, 2023-09-13

Modi’s trip to Jakarta is a geopolitical event, M. K. Bhadrakumar, Indian Punchline, 2023-09-07

US/NATO (non-Ukraine)

Westmoreland Revisited, Barbara Koeppel, Consortium News, 2023-09-15

UK Government Pauses Demands For Broken Encryption In Its Online Safety Bill, Tim Cushing, TechDirt, 2023-09-13

Monkeywrenching the New World Order - #SolutionsWatch, James Corbett, The Corbett Report, 2023-09-13

CIA Manipulation of Public Opinion w/Jeffrey Sachs, Napolitano interviews Sachs, Judging Freedom, 2023-09-13

The Most Wall Street Journal Op-Ed In The History Of Wall Street Journal Op-Eds, Caitlin Johnston, Caitlin's Newsletter, 2023-09-15


Stella Assange Speaks Out on the Conditions of Julian Assange's Imprisonment, Chris Hedges, ScheerPost, 2023-09-14

The Slow Motion Execution of Julian Assange, Criag Murray, Craig Murray, 2023-09-16

9/11 Anniversaries

9/11: Why Americans Are Never Told Why, Joe Lauria, Consortium News, 2023-09-12


US Justice Dept's Next Victim, John Kiriakou, Consortium News, 2023-09-08

Beneath the Polycrisis Is the Singular Dilemma of Humanity Called Capitalism: The Thirty-Seventh Newsletter (2023), Vijay Prashad, TISR, 2023-09-14

State Department Refuses to Address How Much USAID Money Went to Wuhan Institute of Virology, Sam Husseini, ScheerPost, None


US efforts to strangle China & reassert hegemony - Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen, as listed, The Duran, 2023-09-16


R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Official Music Video), R.E.M, remhq, uploaded 2011-07-02


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