Jesus, I love Jeffrey Sachs. I seldom, if ever, disagree with his “understanding” of history, technology and political analysis, as well as the solutions for world peace. The only thing left out of this discussion about China, Russia, the United States…and what will bring about world peace is his reluctance(?) to mention the Satanic problems by name; the top-down controlling New World Order Eugenicist, money-junky war-profiteers; those controlling all the world banking systems, war-machine manufacturing (including FalseFlag fires & viruses), all the world leaders (and so therefor all the corrupt, unfair trade policies trapping the world to scarcity & war), the entire world media (and so therefor most people’s perceptions causing humanity to blame itself and bogus junk-science excuses like global warming & overpopulation). Otherwise, it was an incredibly discussion.

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Indeed Jeff, Sachs does appear to have a clear eyed view. As you are aware there are certain topics which are taboo even for those who are handed the poisoned chalice of an analyst/commentary role.

I wonder what event or process assisted him. He was there when Russia became a Federation from being the most equal of Soviet Socialist Republics. He must now understand the theft and life shortening depression which was meted out on the Russian people and their state. I'm unaware of how direct his role was in this. Now, his portrayal of the state of geopolitical affairs through his understanding of political economics is serving to assist people understand the current phase of US hegemony. He seems to focus more on the perversions of institutions and the horror of war than his native economics.

On economic matters I would recommend Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai. They are collaborating with Ben Norton to publish a weekly or bi-weekly hour long program on geopolitical economics simply titled "Geopolitical Economy Hour".


I wish you the best on your journey in continuing to understand the structures of power and communicating with others on the topic.

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