Jesus, I love Jeffrey Sachs. I seldom, if ever, disagree with his “understanding” of history, technology and political analysis, as well as the solutions for world peace. The only thing left out of this discussion about China, Russia, the United States…and what will bring about world peace is his reluctance(?) to mention the Satanic problems by name; the top-down controlling New World Order Eugenicist, money-junky war-profiteers; those controlling all the world banking systems, war-machine manufacturing (including FalseFlag fires & viruses), all the world leaders (and so therefor all the corrupt, unfair trade policies trapping the world to scarcity & war), the entire world media (and so therefor most people’s perceptions causing humanity to blame itself and bogus junk-science excuses like global warming & overpopulation). Otherwise, it was an incredibly discussion.

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