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Week in Review: 2023, week 42

Week in Review: 2023, week 42

US State Dept issues a panic terror alert because of US foreign policy, President asks for more money to keep doing the same, and Congress are going to give it to him. Welcome to the New World Order.

[Read the underlined keywords in order, ommiting the fluff, for an accurate understanding.]

Published: 2023-10-22



Logic, YesXorNo, 2023-10-19

Israel vs Gaza: Ongoing 'Day in Review', YesXorNo, 2023-10-17 to 21 inclusive

  • Each day contains the Antiwar headlines specific to the conflict and the “Other Voices” section for wider commentary.



US Won't Draw 'Red Lines' on Israel's Use of White Phosphorus Munitions, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-10-15

Middle East/West Asia

Israel Bombs Syria's Aleppo Airport for Second Time Within 3 Days, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-10-15

US, Qatar Agree to Deny Iran Access to $6 Billion of Its Funds, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2023-10-12

Other Voices


The Mainstream Press Keep Slamming Israel's Hospital Bombing Story, Caitlin Johnston, Caitlin's Newsletter, 2023-10-19


The Fall | Ukrainian Airforce Destruction | Russian Tunnel Offensive. Military Summary 2023.10.21, Dima, Military Summary, 2023-10-21

Ukraine: The Full Story. By Ambassador Chas Freeman, Chas Freeman lecture, Neutrality Studies, 2023-10-20


Multipolarity: China, Russia, Israel, India, and the difficult birth of a new world, Desai and Hudson chat with Escobar, GPE, 2023-10-19

A Major Empire Falls Unnoticed, Alfred McCoy, Tom Dispatch, 2023-10-17

  • Prof. Alfred McCoy is one of my favourite geopolitical analysts. It is always worthwhile to consider his propositions and argumentation. His Ph.D was the CIA drug trade in SE Asia during the Vietnam War. He has, over the last couple of years, begun to omit the US's role in various geopolitical analyses. One can still appreciate his analysis and add that which he feels best to omit.

Tarik Cyril Amar: Multipolarity Is Not Enough, Tarik Cyril Amar, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, 2023-10-18

Ben Norton: BRICS is DESTROYING the US and Europe’s Currency Chokehold on Global South, Haiphong interview Norton, Danny Haiphong, 2023-10-20 (recorded earlier)

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