👍🏽👍👍🏿 Incredible analysis and technical explanations. The absolute best I’ve heard so far. If everyone I crosspost this to doesn’t buy you a ☕️ or two, I’ll be very disappointed.

Most certainly, Americans are being “used” as bait, whether or not FalseFlag events are the reality in this case, it’s still very well understood by American military intelligence that the chiefs are allowing and trying their very best to “create” excuses to wage an expansive war in reaction to every dead American soldier; an effort to bleed their retaliation(s) over into a full scale war with Iran, keep the war going in Ukraine, keep people’s minds off the Palestinian genocide and start a full scale war with Russia as well as China; WWIII.

Biden has always been a clueless tool, even back when he still had his senses, same as all American Representatives, Senators and Trump. But make no mistake about who controls them—the Zionists who also have full control over every aspect of this geopolitical, multi-faceted nightmare—and they know exactly what they are doing while controlling the leaders of every country involved, whether those leader know if or not; setting the U.S. up for the “trap(s),” just as you and Pepe hypothesized may be happening. They want to completely destroy the U.S., Iran, Russia, China, the entire Middle East surrounding the “river to the sea” territory, and on and on…

It’s most likely all sides at the very top (all desperate to hold onto power) understand they are doing their very best to start a world war. Why not, especially if you can’t control your angry citizens after the truths about the Fraudemic are fully realized, and if you have a luxury bomb shelter to hide out in for up to 500 years, as all leaders with nuke have access to? The non-proxy Iranian-linked groups attacking American forces, which the western media and White House keep referring to as Iranian-proxy assets, are “understood” traps, which all major intelligence agencies around the world comprehend.

Iran does NOT have command and control functions over their so-called proxies across the entire region, but most certainly support them, indirectly, and justifiably so. This “trap” is understood by all sides—an excuse for WWIII—which the luxury bomb sheltered ultra rich most definitely desire, and for no other reason than because they are board and totally nuts, as all Eugenicists are.

There’s no real point to any of these conflicts, let alone WWIII, as so many keep asking, “but why???” No logic or human reasoning can explain it. It’s just Because “they” are board, wealthy lunatics who really believe the world belongs just to them and that the majority of the people must be exterminated. Seriously-simple explanation, but totally true.

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You are very kind, Jeff.

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