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History doesn't repeat, it rhymes

Some things just don't add up;

Bolshy's killed 30M ukrainian white in 1932 under Stalin, because Ukraine had the food and Russian need the food so the starved them to death

Bolshy's were brought to power by Schiff/Loeb Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankers of UK 1920's

Mao killed 60M intellectual great leap forward in 1960's, Mao was trained Bolshevism by Rockefeller, at Harvard Univ 1920's shanghai

So lots of our killing seems to be Bolshy-Bankers telling its leaders to kill their own people;

Now Russia fights this de-nazi war, and certainly zelensky is legacy azov ashkeNAZI zionist nazi's no doubt, and its payback, they want to kill Russians for the holomodor, (Ukraine 1932 murders) like Nuland & Freeland they want to get even-steven

My point is where does it all end???

So Putin & Xi let the ukros and maybe tomorrow the pollocks off themselves to MOLOCH, then what?? To the last Ukrainian today, to the last Pollock tomorrow.

Then a new stew of hatred boils;

Then what about the COVID genocide by CIA in USA, and the mRNA jab deployed only on white western harelips?

Certainly the COVID was also deployed on Russia but they quickly created a vax; A non-mRNA vax that didn't make blood-clots and kill people and cripple them.

LIke CIA say's all is 100% lies ( they tell the narrative, and their own spokesman admits that everything is a lie )

What's is the truth?

Watch the CIA, they're a long term thinking outfit; They now work closer with CHINA than USA,

This is the problem with information eventually the Chinese youth learn that MAO was a Rothschild/Rockefeller stooge who killed 60M VIP's in China, people who now are adored, in Mao's generation all traditional medicine and chinese martial arts were destroyed, now its popular in China to rediscover the ancient, time the kids will earn who had Mao by the balls;

Same now with falun-gong in HK, CIA color revolution

Like SV for +25 years CIA has been feeding the best AI machine-learning into China, make billionaires out of select high-tech people around wuhan and shanghai, and north of HK called Shenzhen. SVB the bank recent collapse in Silicon Valley largely about Chinese AI investment money in SV unicorns, which are later bred in the wild in China,

Like Jack Ma of alibaba he was taken to the wood-shed by CCP because he got too big & powerful;

You can look at our CIA as one of two, they have gone full CHINA, or they're just trying to long term engineer a new coup and get CHINA back under their version of KMT ( Taiwan bastard old school pre-CIA gov );

CCP has lots of enemys inside, they have done much to improve the average chinese person over the last 40 years;

What I see is a civil-war in the future of China where the young want to get even about the 'great leap forward",e .g murder of 60M teachers and intellectuals;

CIA could very much be a part of this like good cop/bad cop; Otherwise it doesn't matter for USA, its scheduled for rinse & reset, civil-war and new ownership, and cleansing of white garbage, and all garbage for that matter; China covets the USA lands called "Most Beautiful Country', Only thing UGLY about USA is the white harelips living there.

Then there is Russia, how does it prevent another cleansing, even if ZOG is vaporized kids will grow up hating Russia;

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