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Week in Review: 2024, week 07

Week in Review: 2024, week 07

Moves on the grand chessboard continue. Ukrainians and Palestinians continue to die.

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Published: 2024-02-18

Correction: Apologies to Roger Waters whom I describe as the bass player from Pink Floyd. He was also the primary composer.

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On Making Bread, YesXorNo, 2024-02-14

🎧 SNAFU'd: The State of World Affairs, YesXorNo, 2024-02-14

Interesting Articles: mid February 2024, YesXorNo, 2024-02-15

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Anti-fissures: An Egyptian Türkish Alliance, YesXorNo, 2024-02-17

Daly and Wallace: i4cTrouble Ep 157 - 159, YesXorNo, 2024-02-17

BAC News: Reuters Reports from Rafah, YesXorNo, 2024-02-17

Mentioned in the Audio; the ‘Strawberries’ article:

A Bowl of Strawberries Under Shelling: The Voices and Faces of Donbas, YesXorNo, 2022-06-22


The Genocide

Netanyahu Doubles Down on Plans to Attack Rafah Despite Growing Criticism, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-11

Biden Not Reconsidering 'Unequivocal' Support for Israel's Gaza Slaughter, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-12

Israeli Minister Blocks US Flour Shipments Into Gaza, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

Israel Proposes Creating US-Funded Tent Cities to Evacuate Rafah, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

Israel's Ben Gvir Says Israeli Military Should Shoot Palestinian Women and Children, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

Netanyahu Rejects Hostage Deal Deal Drawn Up By Mossad, Shin Bet, and IDF, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

US Gives Israel the Green Light to Kill Civilians in Rafah, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

Netanyahu Unilaterally Vetoes Further Hostage Deal Talks, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-14

Israel Scoffs at Reported US Post-War Gaza Peace Plan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

Israeli Military Says Hamas Will Not Be Defeated in Gaza Offensive, Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, 2024-02-16

After Call With Biden, Netanyahu Rejects 'International Dictates', Kyle Anzalone, Antiwar, 2024-02-16

The Impending Conflagration

Iraq Says It Resumed Talks With US on Future US Withdrawal, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-11

Israeli Drone Strike Kills Two Near Key Lebanon Port of Sidon, Jason Ditz, Antiwar, 2024-02-11

Houthis Hold Funeral for 17 Killed in Recent US and British Strikes, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-11

CIA Chief Burns Heads to Egypt for Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal Talks, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-12

  • The reason I mention the date in the audio is because the two day rapproachment between Egypt and Türkiye begins on the 14th. Its all just co-incidence that the CIA cheif should be in Cairo two days before a region changing diplomatic meeting.

Israeli Airstrikes Kill 9 Civilians in Lebanon, Jason Ditz, Antiwar, 2024-02-14

UAE, Other Arab Nations Restrict US Ability to Launch Airstrikes from Its Territory, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-14

Heavy US and British Bombing Reported in Yemen's Hodeidah Province, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-14

Egypt Building Walled Camp in Sinai Desert to Absorb Palestinian Refugees from Gaza, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Northern Israel After Deadliest Day of Strikes, Jason Ditz, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

US Conducted Cyberattack on Alleged Iranian Spy Ship, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

US Launches Airstrike in Somalia, Says Two al-Shabaab Killed, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

Lesterland (US)

Seized Russian Yacht Is Costing the US Over $7 Million Per Year to Maintain, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-12

Senate Passes $95 Billion Military Aid Bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

Sen. Van Hollen Calls Israelis 'War Criminals,' Votes to Send Them $14 Billion in New Military Aid, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-13

House's Top China Hawk to Lead Congressional Delegation to Taiwan, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-14

House Intel Chair Accused of Disclosing National Security 'Threat' to Get Ukraine Aid Passed, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15

  • Russia has possessed the capability to destroy satellites for years: Russia destroys satellite in ASAT test, Jeff Foust, Space News, 2021-11-15

  • See also Larry Johnson in the “Intel Wrap Up” under Videos, below.

House Passes Bill To Work Against Countries Normalizing With Syria, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-15


EU's Top Diplomat Slams US for Continuing to Arm Israel, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-12

Dutch Court Orders Government to Halt Delivery of F-35 Parts to Israel, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-12


US Rejects Putin's Latest Offer for Negotiations on Ukraine, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-11

Senate Takes Another Step Toward Passing $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-11


Air Force, Space Force Announce Major Overhaul to Prepare for War With China, Dave DeCamp, Antiwar, 2024-02-14


Other Voices …

The Genocide

The Perfect Recipe For A Real Antisemitism Crisis, Caitlin Johnston, Caitlin's Newsletter, 2024-02-16

The Crisis at The New York Times, Patrick Lawrence, ScheerPost, 2024-02-12

The Impending Conflagration

Nasrallah Responds To Israeli Attack On Civilians In Lebanon, b., Moon Of Alabama, 2024-02-16

Lesterland (US)

Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?, Ray McGovern & Lawrence Wilkerson, Consortium News, 2024-02-16

How the CIA Destabilizes the World, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Consortium News, 2024-02-15

An Update — PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS A VICTIM OF ESPIONAGE, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, Larry Johnson, A Son of the New American Revolution, 2024-02-15


Life During Wartime – On the Road in Donbass, Pepe Escobar, The Unz Review, 2024-02-13

Russia has long sold arms to Iran. Now Iran is returning the favor., Fred Weir, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, 2024-01-24

Russian Imperialism, Joe Lauria, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, 2024-02-16 (2024-02-13 at ConsortiumNews)

NB: This newsletter's editorial practice is to highlight, and provide, the original source of an article. Occassionally that practice is subverted to a higher purpose. In this case, the connections between the independent media. N.S. Baldwin is a journalist, and a good one. She is now editor of her site, Understanding Russia, wherein she republishes thoughtful publications. Thus, here I link to her, rather than directly to Consortium News to highlight these interconnections.

The End Of The Avdeevka Cauldron, b., Moon Of Alabama, 2024-02-16

Listening To What He Is Saying, b., Moon Of Alabama, 2024-02-16


A Word like Peace Is Faster Than the Bullet of War: The Seventh Newsletter (2024), Vijay Prashad, TISR, 2024-02-15

Death of Aleksei Navalny: the Brits did it!, Gilbert Doctorow, Armageddon Newsletter, 2024-02-16

Defusing the Derivatives Time Bomb: Some Proposed Solutions, Ellen Brown, ScheerPost, 2024-02-14


Australian PM Albanese and 85 Other MPs Vote to End Assange Incarceration, Diego Ramos, ScheerPost, 2024-02-15

  • Includes transcript (Hansard) of the motion in parliament. Short, sweet and to the damn point. Excellent reporting by Ramos.

  • See also video below

2/8/24 Kevin Gosztola on the Final Assange Extradition Trial, Horton interviews Gozstola, The Scott Horton Show, 2024-02-16

  • Kevin Gosztola of Shadowproof and The Dissenter has been covering the Assange persecution since the year dot. He is one of a handful of experts on the topic, and is always informative, up-to-date and worth listening to.

Life, Craig Murray, Craig Murray, 2024-02-16

  • No prizes for identifying what is going on here.


Capitalism is dead and so are we | Yanis Varoufakis interview, Oli interviews Varoufakis on the eve of the release of the documentary 'In The Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis', PoliticsJOE, 2024-02-15

  • Extended interview with Varoufakis on the nature of power.

One Of The Best Pieces..., Andrei Martyanov, Reminiscence of the Future ..., 2024-02-15

  • Martyanov displays a non-scary side of AI powered fakes, for some light relief.

James Carden Interviews Matthew Dal Santo and Paul Grenier on Putin, Tucker and the Clash of Civilizations, Natylie's Place: Understanding Russia, 2024-02-15 (interview uploaded by Cardin on 2024-02-10)

Alastair Crooke: Regional Armageddon in Middle East, Napolitano interviews Crooke, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-12

Larry Johnson: Putin Interview and Big Media, , Napolitano interviews Johnson, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-12

Scott Ritter: Russia, Ukraine, and Biden, Napolitano interviews Ritter, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-13

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Does The CIA Destabilize the World?, Napolitano interviews Prof. Sachs, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-14

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Does the US Have a Coherent Foreign Policy?, Napolitano interviews Macgregor, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-15

INTEL Roundtable w⧸John[son] & McGovern: Intel Wrap Up, Napolitano and the lads, Judging Freedom, 2024-02-16

Australian Government stands behind Julian Assange, Andrew Wilkie (member of Australia's parliament), 2024-02-15

  • This was included in Ramos' article on Assange, above. It demostrates the attention to detail, and awareness of the utility of video, which Ramos has employed in his reporting.

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