Who are the analysts?
Navigating the 5th Estate
Publication date: 2021-10-23 Update: 2021-12-08: minor grammatical corrections. Update 2022-04-30: an even tinier edit. A week or so ago my son asked me…
Begging to be Let In
30 Anonymous Officials Admit ... Stuff
[Image: enlarged crop of the original cover for the 4th book of the Saga]. Publication date: 2021-11-15 Just as satire uses wit and humor to slide…
[Image: UN General Assembly vote tally for resolution opposing the USA’s continued embargo on Cuba, 2021, UN News]. Publication date: 2021-11-26 Update…
A Meandering Tour from Peshawar to Herat
Getting your arms blown off
Ceding Labour Militancy to Managed Markets
4 Spades
Has anyone got a corkscrew?